TicketGroup Services

Whether you wish to simply add internet sales to complement your existing ticket sales and distribution methods, or you need an integrated box office and online ticketing system, TicketGroup has a solution to meet your needs.

Choose from a variety of optional services, online ticket sales, box office software, POS Systems, thermal ticket printers or ticket stock. We have the complete ticket sales package for the optimum sale of tickets.

Online Ticket Sales

It is now a known fact that people are choosing the internet as their preferred site to purchase tickets. Our complete internet ticketing solution provides features to make purchasing tickets on ticketgroup.ie a breeze.

Box Office Software

Our box office software allows you to use our system as your in-house ticketing system with many of the great benefits of online ticket sales.

Thermal Ticket Printers

We have a range of thermal desktop printers for heavy duty use like boarding passes, cinemas, museums, stadiums, parking stations and concerts.

However if it's just a simple, fast and reliable printer that can be set up in minutes and is mobile then Box Office in a box is your answer. This is ideal for single event ticketing where networking is not required including:

This system is compact and lightweight, you can configure your event name, ticket price, ticket name etc for each event, you can print operator activity log or end of shift final close. It can print sequential barcode numbers with event reference and it has a credit card facility. The ticket stock is 3.25" (82mm) wide 90gsm and print speed is 220mm/second.

If you would like to discuss placing an order for thermal ticket printers then please drop us a line on info@ticketgroup.ie

Ticket Stock

Due to the number of tickets we purchase we have built relationships with some of the best suppliers of ticket stock in the World. We bulk buy our orders and get the best prices available which we can then pass on to you the consumer.

It is a daunting task to buy tickets with the many options available and huge range in ticket prices which are usually caused by varying security features that are essential for any ticketed event.

Security is one of the biggest concerns when buying or supplying tickets, if they aren't secure then it defeats the purpose of having tickets in the first place.

There are a number of workable security features available to prevent counterfeiting:

If you would like to discuss placing an order for tickets then please drop us a line on info@ticketgroup.ie