Purchase Policy

TicketGroup are agents selling tickets on behalf of promoters and venues. We neither arrange the events, venues or seating layouts which are completely managed by the promoter or venue owner/manager. Prices are determined solely by the promoter. On the instruction of event promoters we as agents are prohibited from issuing exchanges or refunds after a purchase has been made or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep tour tickets safe and that they are not damaged. We encourage you to lock or place them in a safe place. Please remember that scanning systems are now in use at most events and your bar code must be digitally readable. Sunlight or liquid can damage your ticket and an unreadable ticket may result in your non admission to the venue or event.

Tickets purchased through ticketgroup.ie are subject to various booking charges which are non-refundable even in the event of the promoter/venue owner instructing us to refund ticket purchases. Promoters may also place limitations on the number of tickets which can be purchased by an individual or a single credit card or postal address. This policy is in place with many promoters in order to discourage tickets being purchased by ticket touts and is not the intention in any way of the promoter to limit the number of people in your party attending an event. Several technical mechanisms are in place throughout our site to ensure adherence to this policy and any attempted breach of such rules will result in your purchase being rejected or cancelled without refund.

Purchases are always subject to your credit card or laser card being authorised by the issuer. Non authorisation will result in the purchase transaction being rejected by ticketgroup.ie. A valid card number, ccv code, expiry date, name and postal address are required to complete the transaction.

No transaction is complete until the card issuer approves payment. If you do not receive a confirmation page then your transaction has not been concluded.

Your tickets will be posted to you minimally one week before the event to counteract forgery, touting and loss of tickets. They can only be posted to the postal address completed on the booking form.

Always print the order form on the site as proof of purchase and we can only discuss your ticket purchase if you have your reference number and the details of the credit card on which the purchase was made. If your tickets do not arrive don't panic. We can arrange for collection at the venue but this arrangement can only be completed with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

If your tickets are not at the postal address 72 hours before the event, please call our 24 hour ticket hotline on 0818 33 33 44.

Events do get cancelled or rescheduled. Before we can refund you the face value of your ticket we must be authorised to do so by the event promoter or the party whom contracted TicketGroup to act as their selling agent. We cannot refund for rescheduled events unless you have entered into an arrangement with the promoter or venue owner.

If a cancellation situation should arise, in order to get a refund you must return the original tickets issued. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued, even if authorised by the promoter if you cannot return the original tickets.

Please understand that TicketGroup are merely a ticket agent.

  1. When buying tickets you are accepting the terms and conditions of the selected event, venue or individual promoter.
  2. As purchaser you need to check that the tickets you received are what you purchased. Promoters or event management will not address any issues on the date of the event at the venue.
  3. It is up to you to make sure you have the time, date and event clear. No refunds will be given if you turn up on the wrong day or incorrect time or mistaken venue. Once the event occurs you have no right to a refund. Caveat A'ventor .'Let the buyer beware'
  4. Beware that venues and promoters have their own rules about late admission.
  5. The promoters or venue owner's event controllers are perfectly within their rights to refuse you admission under their own rules. Make yourself aware of these rules. A promoter will not allow TicketGroup refund tickets if admission was refused.
  6. No ticket can be refunded or transferred after purchase.
  7. Programs, agendas and appearance line ups can be altered from time to time. This is the promoters right. We cannot refund tickets on the basis that the event was not exactly as advertised. This is between you and the promoter or venue owner and Ticketgroup are in no way held responsible.
  8. Most events are now non-smoking and many have strict alcohol policies. Please abide by these rules at all times.
  9. If you buy your ticket from an unauthorised source it will be rejected at the event. Electronic scanning devices are now used to ensure the validity of all tickets
  10. We are merely a ticket agent. Be clear that we do not run any events and as such have and take no responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage of property or person at any event which you may have acquired your tickets for through our website or outlets.
  11. We cannot reissue tickets under any circumstances no matter how unfortunate your situation is.