About TicketGroup

Why sell your tickets with us?

TicketGroup are a leading internet based ticketing agency, retailing tickets for a diverse range of clients including stadiums, arenas, venues, clubs, museums, event promoters and organisers. We provide ticket sales, ticket marketing and distribution for multiple event categories including music, theatre, arts, comedy, festivals, clubs, concerts and fan clubs.

We provide a self service online ticketing system with the latest technology and cost efficiency available.

The benefits associated with using TicketGroup include low costs, simple set up, real time reporting, account management and marketing support. The complete ticket sales package for the optimum sale of tickets. We assist in increasing exposure for your event through our activities and this in turn increases your ticket sales. With real time reporting tools we also enable specific marketing campaigns saving you time and money and again increasing your sales figures.

We will remain as a fore runner in ticketing technology with the introduction of E ticketing and SMS ticketing, the first ticket company in Ireland to have such a unique feature. Our tickets are convenient to customers with availability twenty four seven, and through using such features as 3D technology and VeriSign you can buy tickets knowing that you are in a secure and safe environment.

Other services

TicketGroup can also administer a box office system and provide organisations with the technology to administrate their own online ticketing operations at a potentially very low cost.

Through our experience and involvement in such events we realise the needs of both the large and small venues and the requirements that best suit you.

We can also help you earn extra cash or create extra footfall for your venue or shop through becoming an agent for TicketGroup. We will set you up with a virtual terminal and give you access to sell on our behalf, making you our official agent. This can create awareness of your business and bring in extra custom that you may not necessarily have had and you earn extra income for this convenient service.

For more information on our services and how you can increase your ticket sales contact sales@ticketgroup.ie