Reginald D Hunter

Having initially traveled to the UK at the age of 27 as a classic theater student training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Hunter became a comedian after performing his first comedy set as a dare. For this set, he received £10. Realizing he enjoyed it, and there was money in it, Hunter diverted his attention from his acting ambitions and re-focused on stand-up. He often deals in his stand-up about issues regarding race that he feels important. Part of that is an attempt to reclaim the word "Nigga". He often uses the term in the titles of his shows; the title of his stand-up show, Reginald D Hunter: Pride & Prejudice... & Niggas attracted some controversy, and the poster was banned from the London Underground. Likewise his tour with Steve Hughes, called Trophy Nigga, played 55 venues around the UK, yet not all the venues could he use the tour title. He joked it was because promoters didn't like the word, 'Trophy'.

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